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3D Runners Low cost motion capture and 3d models store

The best place for all 3d runners.

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Our animations are ready to use, particularly suitable for use in video games, commercials and advertising, animated shorts,
The price is very cheap, to accommodate the needs of independent producers, and freelancers. are available in several formats, the most used

3D Models

The 3D models are available in different formats and resolutions, include textures. Designed to be animated. We provide some services, Personalized Avatar Creation. Send us a photo of your face and a video of the speech, you have a 3D model with lipsink.
And 3d scan on demand all this at a very low price

Flexibility of use

We specialize in creating faces, are provided with textures and morphing animation. Each model is available in different resolutions suited to games, avatars, short animations. Animations are deliberately left longer than normal loop,
to allow artists more freedom in editing, and to have a greater choice of movements within each animation.